Skin Care Routine… Sort of.

Skin Care Routine… Sort of.

Hello Beauties! xToday on this not so nice Sunday ( In the UK anyhow ), I'm going to share with you my day-to-day Skin care routine.This includes AM, PM, Makeup, No makeup, Products, Everything you need to know😃!Sooo, First things first, I wake up in a morning around 8 - 9am and almost immediately i will eat Breakfast and drink some Water. (Eating healthy & drinking water DOES help towards good skin!)Alongside my Breakfast and Water I take My tablets, 2 For mental Health and an A - Z Multivitamin with added Zinc. ( I REALLY NOTICE A DIFFERENCE IN MY SKIN WHEN TAKING MULTI-VITS ).Once all this is complete I will stroll into my bathroom and use My Primark face brush to apply some of The Garnier pure active 3 in 1 face wash to My face.I do this by putting a blob on my forehead, both cheeks, nose and chin, I then just scrub all over My Ugly Mug (haha).Once ive scrubbed away like I dunno 5 layers of skin or somethingI then take any old face cloth, Wet it with warm water and Rinse my face. ( obvs rinsing the face cloth as I go ).When my face is completely rinsed I then just splash it with cold water to close up those paws.( When drying I DO NOT RUB ONLY PAT with a towel ).Once back in the Bedroom I sit myself down in front of the mirror and take a cotton pad with some Garnier Micellar Water on it and just wipe the whole of my face with this.( This is the part were normally people use Toner & Blah, Blah, Blah.Me? I keep it simple I guess? )I then move onto creaming my face. I use Sudocrem. ( yes the cream for baby's bums 👶🏼).So using my fingers I apply quite big blobs to my Forehead, Both Cheeks,Chin and Nose and then just rub in all over my face. ( As this cream is for nappy rash and such things... It works awesome for spots🤟🏼.That is everything i do in the AM, So it's really important to rememberalthough you've been in bed ALL night you still need to clean your skin,Every Morning!amLets talk about Night time now. The next 2 steps are for when I have worn makeup.First I use Avon Eye makeup removing lotion on a cotton pad to removeMy eye makeup and eyebrows. I then just use a tea tree face wipe to remove the rest of my Face makeup. I then just follow the exact same steps, Face wash, Micellar Water, Sudocrem.Finally at night-time i will just use some of The Clearskin spot treatmenton any spots that are visible and Apply some Bodyshop Coco lip balm to my lips.Remember to also drink some water before bed! It's really important to remember to wash your face every night, Makeup or no makeup!PM.pngHonest, I have started to stick to this routine AM and PM everyday and I PROMISE I see results!Hope this helps!

See You Next Week Beauties! x


Hello again beauties!😍

Today i will be showing & telling you a simple & easy way to look Glamourous!

So Here Goes!



before any makeuppng

Ive added this picture of my blank face just so you know what im working with😊.


So first I always start with my eyebrows. using the comb on the end of the pencil i comb through my eyebrow hairs. Next using my MUA eyebrow pencil in the shade Black/Brown, I fill in my brows starting at the arch working outwards either way. Finally i use my Gosh defining brow gel to keep them in place!

eye primerLets carve the hell out of them! I use my Real techniques detailing brush with some of this Revolution conceal & define in the shade C3 to carve out my brows. Next i use the applicator provided to apply the concealer to my lids and blend using my finger.


Now the fun part!! Eyeshadow. So first im using this reddy/ Brown shade from the revolution reloaded newtrals 2 palette (marked number 1, They have no names) On a No7 eye colour brush and applying to my crease. I blend using A Profusion cosmetics blending brush (pictured later on). I’m then applying the shade Ecstatic from the mixed metals profusion palette, On a W7 Double ended flat brush. I just apply this to my crease again. However when blending with the same blending brush i dont blend as far out. So to add a little depth to my crease i’m using this orange shade from the Newtrals 2 palette on a small tapered mac brush, I again just blend using the profusion blending brush. Next i’m taking the shade Certain on this small Urban Decay brush (Dupe) and appying allover my lid, I don’t blend this. Finally i’m taking the shade Polite from the profusion palette on a Slightly larger Urban Decay brush (Dupe) and applying to my brow bones and inner corners. 

face primer

It’s time to prime! I’m just using my Revolution Pro Base Aqua priming base spray! It’s really good! I Just spray this allover my face and i’m good to go! (If your wondering how i apply, I spray my T-Zone first and then do an X shape afterwards to cover the rest😊).

liquid face

Moving onto my face now! I use Maybelliene 24 hour Superstay Foundation in the shade  Ivory, I pump onto a damp Beauty Blender and apply straight to my face. Next, Concealer, Going back to my Revolution Conceal & Define in the shade C3 I use the applicator provided and apply to my under eyes, forhead, nose, cupids bow & chin. I then use my damp beauty blender to blend.

powder face

Sticking with the face but more on the powdered side of things… To start with I use this Revolution bake & finish on a Eco tools Airbrush finish brush to set where i concealed. Next Using the Revolution Vivid baked bronzer in the shade Golden days on a Real technique’s Buffing brush, I bronze my Cheeks, Forehead & Jawline. Blusher now, I use Mineral Magic blusher on a Contour brush from Real techniques and just apply on the apples on my Cheeks. Finally for this bit I’m using this Revolution Sun kissed highlighter in the shade Ice Kiss on a Eco Tools Contolled Setting Brush, I just apply this on top of where i concealed earlier on. & We are ready to move on.

under eye

So too tie my eye’s together I’m using the orange shade on the same Mac brush and applying along the bottom of my eyes. I then just blend out with the Profusion blending brush.


And to finish off the eye’s? I use my Avon eyelash curlers on each eye for 30 seconds. Then Maybelliene’s Lash Sensational & That is it! Yes Really, Thats all! (The mascara is that AMAZING!)


I really wanted the lip to stand out today so we are going with RED!. First i take my MUA lip liner in the shade Red Drama and line my lips! Next up Revolutions lipstick in the shade Duel Matte. To finish the lips off i apply some of this Profusion liquid Lip creme in the Shade Peach (I think) and just apply to the centre on my lips.


Anything else to do you ask? Just spray my Revolution Hydrating & Plumping Make up fixing spray in the same way i applied my primer earlier on. Yes That Is The Last Thing… 

& Here’s the finished look, (Drum roll…)


I really hope you had as much fun as me! 

Hey show me what you do with this look, i wanna see!

See you again soon beauties!




This Is A Picture Of Myself, My Boyfriend Fahren and Our Dog Phoebe!

Hello Beauties & Welcome To My Blog!

My first blog post is going to be The get too know me tag as you can see from the title, Honestly I just thought this would be an amazing way to introduce my blog as well as myself to you all! So without any further rambling, I’m going to just let the questions do the talking & Get on with the good stuff!

Question One; Are you named after anybody?
 – So all my life I feel as though I can remember being told I was named
after Katie Price / Jordan Price ( The one who had loads of boob jobs)
However Im not too sure how true this actually is😂.
Question Two; When was the last time you cried? 
– So as I am writing this it’s the 8/1/19, Last night I watched First look
Hollyoaks & a CRIED like hell!! Thats all I’ll say incase you’ve not seen. the
Episode yet!😢
Question 3; Do you have children? If yes how many? If no how many do
You want?
– No I don’t have children yet, I actually had an ectopic pregnancy
in august of 2017, However if I am lucky enough get the chance to have
Children in the future I would be happy with just the one! However if I
Am really lucky I would love to have a boy & a girl!💜💚
Question 4; If you could be a different person, would you be a friend or
– So all my so called friends literally ALL turned out to not actually be
friends & no harm intended but I wouldn’t want to be the type of people
they are, Therefore I would stick with being myself! ( I have a tattoo that
Say’s “beyoutiful” so I kinda live by that!) 
Question 5; Do you use sarcasm a lot?
– Ermm, I guess I can do, if Fahren (My Boyfriend) ask’s what I’m doing
And its obvious I will be pretty sarcastic back. Haha.
Question 6; What’s the first thing you notice about people?
– Truthfully? I notice people’s facial expressions and body language/
Attitude towards me. I guess thats my anxiety peeping through…
Question 7; What is your eye colour?
– They are ‘Hazel’. I actually love how they look in the sun👁.
Question 8; Scary movie or Happy ending?
– Before I met Fahren? Scary movie EVERYTIME! Now? Happy ending deffo!
(He doesn’t like scary films haha)
Question 9; Favourite smells?
– Sweet smells, I love sweet smelling perfume, food, drinks Literally sweet
smelling everything! Oh & baking!
Question 10; What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?
– Probably when I’ve been on holiday, either France or Spain,
I haven’t really travelled that much… Yet!
Question 11; Do you have any special talents? 
– I don’t even know😂
Question 12; Where were you born?

– Sheffield, England. The new jessop’s Hospital to be exact!
Question 13; What is your zodiac sign & Do you believe in it?
– I’m a Leo♌️ Yes I believe in it & I also believe I am very much like
The Leo should be!
Question 14; What are your hobbies?
– I Like to Film & Edit video’s for my youtube channel. I also
enjoy drawing and mindful colouring, Exercising isn’t all that bad
Question 15; Do you have any pets? 
– I do, I have a pouchie & Believe me she is my BABY!❤️
Question 16; Do you have any siblings?
-Yes I have a younger sister who is 10 and I also have a older brother
Who would be 22 but sadly he passed away at the age of 5😇.
Question 17; What do you want to be when you grow up?
– Since I’m already 20, 21 this year & already have my own Place ect I guess I class myself as a grown up, At the moment I only see myself being A YouTuber & hopefully a Blogger!
Question 18; Who was your first best friend? 
– A girl whose name I’ll not mention as things didn’t exactly end well.
Question 19; How tall are you?
– 5ft 1😑.
Question 20; What is the least favourite thing about yourself?
– My Skin! – I Always get spots!
Question 21; Funniest moment throughout school?
–  Haha! I spoke of this in a youtube video, There was loads of us in the dinner queue and we was all
pushing messing around & all of a sudden EVERYONE fell over including the dinner Lady! SO FUNNY! (we got into so much trouble haha).
Question 22; How many countries have you visited? 
– 2. Spain & France.
Question 23; What was your Favourite / Worst subject in High school?
– I loved Art & Hated R.E purely because my teacher was horrid!
Question 24; What is your favourite drink? Animal? Perfume? 
– Coffee, Im a coffee addict. Dogs they are my weakness!
All time favourite? Calvin Klein Eternity!
Question 25; What will you name your children?
– I Really am not sure yet…
Question 26; What sports have you played?
– I used to be on a girls football team. I don’t thinks its exactly
A sport but i’ve also done ballet & tap & street dance.
Question 27; Who are some of your Favourite youtubers?
– Saffron Barker, Jordan Lipscombe, Imogenation, Madison Sarah.
Question 28; How many boyfriends you had? 
– Proper ones? like 4.
Question 29; Favourite memory from your childhood?
– On my Birthday I think it was my 5th or 6th & my mum and dad
bought me a puppy😍
Question 30; How would you describe your fashion sense?
– Basic LOL.
Question 31; What phone do you have?
– iPhone 6s in Rose gold.
Question 32; Tell us one of your bad habits? 
– Biting my finger nails…
Question 33; 3 Things that upset you?
– 1. Knowing somebody is hurt or upset. 2. feeling ill. 3. My period haha.
Question 34; 3 things that make you happy? 
– 1. Family. 2. Boyfriend. 3. My dog.
Question 35; How is your relationship with your parents?
– Good, it’s actually so much better that a couple years ago.
Question 36; Whats on your mind? 
– Food… I’m so hungry.
Question 37; Whats your talent? 
– I guess I’ll have to say I can talk for England? haha.
Question 38; One word that describes you?
– Loud.
Question 39; Whats your favourite quote? 
-‘Everything happens for a reason’ This is the only thing besides my
boyfriend that got my through my ectopic pregnancy!
Question 40; Any childhood pets? 
– Yes!  2 Dogs, 2 Hamsters, 2 Guiniepigs & a fish.
Question 41; How many uk holiday destination you been too?
– Loads! Skeggy been the main one Haha!
Question 42; Are you a extrovert or introvert? 
– I don’t even know it depends on my anxiety at the time. 
Question 43; Are you left or right handed? 
– Right. Although I have gotten better at left hand colouring…
Question 44; Do you consider yourself a good cook? 
– Yeah I’m alright.
Question 45; Does your name have a special meaning? 
– Not that I know. 
Question 46; If money was out of the question what would you want for your next birthday? 
– Makeup, Clothes, Candles.
Question 47; If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
– The Maldives….
Question 48; Whats your favourite thing to have for breakfast? 
– Weetabix with 2 sugar and milk all mushed up like how babies have it🤣
Question 49; Whats your favourite gadget? 
– My Camera… Sony DSC-HX90 
Question 50; Longest Relationship so far.
– 2 years….

Phewww that took a while. I had fun though!

I hope you did too! See you soon beauties! xx